How To Be A Better Manager – In JUST 5 Minutes a Day!

Striving to excel in management?

Learn fresh ways to go beyond the open-door policy and become the best manager anyone ever had.


Struggling to advance from hands-on work to team-building? Fumbling for the best way to communicate? Desperate to avoid the pitfalls plaguing other first-time managers? With over two decades teaching MBA students and doctoral research into workplace trust, Australian Human Resources Institute Fellow Dr. Dominic McLoughlin has the real-world understanding needed to turn wide-eyed novices into tomorrow’s highly sought-after leaders. And now he’s here to share practical techniques to come out from behind the desk and inspire others to brilliant levels of productivity.


Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day is a no-fluff actionable guide to transition into a supervisory role and become someone others clamour to follow. Featuring examples and stories backed by analysis, each chapter focuses on concrete skills to set beginning managers on the path to success. And by implementing these core concepts, you’ll embark on a journey of self-fulfillment, unparalleled professional growth, and dynamic leadership.

"Dominic McLoughlin’s guide stands out as it is based on research and actual surveys... The work does not propose quick fixes but instead offers actionable advice that managers can utilize to improve with time...

I loved that at the end of each chapter, the work offers five-minute-long exercises for reflection that can be completed daily...

Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day is a helpful management guide with practical advice and appropriate exercises for managers seeking to improve and succeed in their roles. Readers will love its action-oriented and accessible discussions."

Edith Wairimu

Readers’ Favorite

"Managers who wish to lead by example while becoming more approachable and inspirational will find it hard to put the book down...

McLoughlin understands that there are many ways to manage people, but he outlines the best strategies for making an interconnected team.

Readers can feel comfortable applying his suggestions as they are based on his experiences and observations.

Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day is a good choice for readers who want to learn practical management skills that they can apply to their management style."

Courtnee Turner Hoyle

Readers’ Favorite

"Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day... offers us methods and strategies to develop the mindset to lead and motivate others... According to McLoughlin, the small things matter the most... everything discussed in the pages feels applicable. And this is precisely why I think you will find this book informative and illuminating...

If you're in a management or leadership position, I highly recommend it."

Pikasho Deka

Readers’ Favorite

In Be a Better Manager, you’ll find:

  • Methods for developing people to catapult your team from good to great

  • How to grow communication that promotes consistency and provides honesty-driven wins

  • Inspiring systems for keeping goals at the forefront to drive healthy motivation
  • Strategies to help make the move from worker to a facilitator of an energized staff
  • Approaches to overcoming inevitable difficulties, delegating responsibilities, and much, much more!
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