How To Be A Better Manager – In JUST 5 Minutes a Day!

Striving to excel in management?

Learn fresh ways to go beyond the open-door policy and become the best manager anyone ever had.


Struggling to advance from hands-on work to team-building? Fumbling for the best way to communicate? Desperate to avoid the pitfalls plaguing other first-time managers? With over two decades teaching MBA students and doctoral research into workplace trust, Australian Human Resources Institute Fellow Dr. Dominic McLoughlin has the real-world understanding needed to turn wide-eyed novices into tomorrow’s highly sought-after leaders. And now he’s here to share practical techniques to come out from behind the desk and inspire others to brilliant levels of productivity.


Be a Better Manager in Five Minutes a Day is a no-fluff actionable guide to transition into a supervisory role and become someone others clamour to follow. Featuring examples and stories backed by analysis, each chapter focuses on concrete skills to set beginning managers on the path to success. And by implementing these core concepts, you’ll embark on a journey of self-fulfillment, unparalleled professional growth, and dynamic leadership.

In Be a Better Manager, you’ll find:

  • Methods for developing people to catapult your team from good to great
  • How to grow communication that promotes consistency and provides honesty-driven wins
  • Inspiring systems for keeping goals at the forefront to drive healthy motivation
  • Strategies to help make the move from worker to a facilitator of an energized staff
  • Approaches to overcoming inevitable difficulties, delegating responsibilities, and much, much more!
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